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Pack It Up! Class

Pack It Up class with Kate Colleran

Pack it Up! Bag- a fun and functional bag! 

Creating a braid can add a decorative touch to any bag!  Add in cork fabric for the bottom and your bag will be extra special! Cork is fun and easy to work with. The pattern has 4 different size bags; in class we will be making the medium size bag.

Students will learn to cut braid pieces using the Mini Braid Template, how to sew them together and trim for a perfect braid while using the braids to create a fun little pouch! We will discuss how color impacts the look of your braid and ways to create braids of different looks. Students will learn how easy it is to add cork to their bag but they can just use fabric- both look great! And they will learn an easy method to add a zipper and end up with a fun and functional bag!

6 hour class

Supply List

  • Each student needs a Pack it Up! pattern and a Mini Braid Template.
  • Basic Sewing Supplies - whatever you usually keep close b such as snips, seam ripper, pins...
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • If you have an 8 ½" wide ruler, it's helpful but not necessary!
  • Sewing machine zipper foot- some may find they can use their regular foot, others will need a  zipper foot. Depends on your machine.
  • Thread in a neutral color and pre-filled bobbins
  • Coordinating thread to top stitch and (optional) to quilt the front of the bag
  • Iron and ironing surface

Helpful but not necessary:

  • Wool pressing mat
  • Spray starch
  • Binder clips

Click Here to download the Class Supply List and PreClass cutting Instructions PDF.

Click Here to purchase Class kit that includes pattern and template.

Click Here to purchase a Class bundle that includes the pattern, the Mini Braid Template, and one set of bag hardware.

Click Here to purchase fabric kit for the the bag, interfacing, zipper and bag hardware (medium size bag).

Link to purchase a modified kit: includes interfacing (Shapeflex and Decor Bind pieces) and bag hardware (medium size bag).

Click Here to purchase bag hardware.


In class we will all be making a medium size bag. It helps if everyone is making the same size for their first one! Don't worry, you'll want to make them all! These bags are like potato chips- you can't have just one!

Fabrics and bag supplies for medium size bag

To save time in class, please precut all the bag pieces. 


Bag Hardware- " D ring and swivel hook. I have hardware packs available on my website.

Zipper - coordinating zipper at least 9" long but linger is fine. Not a metal zipper as we will be  trimming it.

Fabric: see Class Handout for cutting instructions

You will need 4-8 strips 1 ½" x 20" or WOF strips for the braid section. LEAVE the strips long- we will cut the braid pieces together in class!


 yard or Fat Quarter for the top, back and handle, cut:

¼ yard or Fat Quarter for the inside, cut:

Cork or other contrast fabric for the bottom front of the bag, cut:

½ yard (based on 20" wide) Shape Flex or other lightweight fusible interfacing, cut:

 yard (based on 20" wide) Decor Bond or other heavyweight fusible interfacing**, cut:

** I often get asked is you can use fusible fleece instead of a heavyweight interfacing. Yes; note your bag will be softer and more pliable but less likely to stand up on it's own.